Commitee Members

John Scraggs - Chairman

Celia Murton - Secretary

Phil Rosier - Treasurer

Val Rosier - Assistant Treasurer

Ken Cox - Shoot Organiser

Wayne Cox, Terry Ma, Norman Richards & Nigel Stock


The Club year shall be from the first of January to the thirty first of December,

Members are expected not to do anything that will put themselves or others at risk whilst attending the club shoot.

Members will be allowed two months grace at the end of the subscription year, during that time they will be eligible to receive Club communications.

No entry will be accepted for any Club shoot until the Members subscription shall have been received by the Treasurer.

Members who have not have paid the annual subscription by the end of March will be deemed to have left the Club and may be asked to pay a joining fee on reapplying for membership.

A Member may be deemed to have left the Club for:

a) having brought the Club into disrepute; and/or

b) having endangered the life or property of the Club another Club Member, guest or other user whilst on a Club event.


Guests are permitted to shoot. If a guest does not hold a current Shotgun licence they must be accompanied by a member who holds a current shotgun licence.